District 24-C Lions of Virginia

Cabinet Member Report

Report Period Cabinet Member's Name:
E-MAIL ADDRESS (if you want a copy emailed to you)
Cabinet position(s):

1. Number of Club Visits during reporting period: Official     Non-official  
2. Number of programs conducted during this reporting period:
3. Number of other club contacts during reporting period:
(phone calls, letters, emails, etc.)
4. Summary of activities during reporting period (include articles in Bark of the "C" Lion:)
5. Donations (Amount) received during reporting period:
6. Areas requiring specific action
7. Recommendations

8. If your position is Zone Chair complete the following:

A. Zone membership as of July 1 this year
B. New members to date:
C. Losses (all reasons) to date:
D. Zone membership at close of period (ending 8/31, 1/31, or 4/30):
E. Zone meeting was held on
F. All clubs were represented except